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Allow Virus Busters to Rid Your Space of Mold

For many years, the team at Virus Busters has been developing and honing our sanitizing and disinfecting process to keep your Atlanta, GA house and business safe and protected from mold and mildew. Our mold remediation services stand out among competitors, thanks to our science behind the chemicals and cleaning solutions we use.

All of them are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered and have proven to kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria growing within your walls, floors, and other places throughout the home. Give us a call today to have our team perform a professional inspection of your space. We provide all of our customers with a free estimate for any mold remediation services required.

About Us

What is Mold Remediation?

Most customers may confuse mold remediation with mold removal. Companies who promise you complete mold removal are selling a fallacy. Don’t pay for services that cannot be rendered. Our mold remediation services help bring the mold levels in your home or office to their normal and natural levels. We will perform our initial inspection to search not only the noticeably affected areas but all around your space to help lower the level of mold.

Our team understands mold and how it works, which is how we could develop our own chemical solutions. All of which are environmentally-friendly and allow us to quickly reduce the mold levels without interrupting your life too severely. Give us a call once you discover mold and enable our team to find the source and begin treating your house, office, restaurant, and more. We will clean, sanitize, and disinfect the entire area.

Types of Mold We Clean

No matter the mold affecting your home or business, the team at Virus Busters can help develop a solution to keep everyone safe. Mold comes in various colors, but thanks to our training and experience, we can quickly identify and develop a remediation process to get you the necessary help. We get to the source and reduce the levels of mold to a more natural level. Allow us to get behind the walls and floors to get to the root of the mold. The following are the top three types of mold we remediate all over Atlanta:



Stachybotrys Atra AKA Black Mold

Benefits of Our Mold Remediation Services

If you have spotted mold growing in your home or workspace, it’s best to call the professionals at Virus Busters. We will work hard to ensure the levels of mold in your home are at acceptable levels. Mold spreads quickly, and discovering generally means it has been there for a while. With our team helping, we can stop the spread and offer you these other benefits:

Remove Mildew

Increase Your Home’s Value

Save Money

Prevent Future Issues

Reduce Medical Issues

And More