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Frequently Asked Questions

Check Out Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Below

Yes. We can customize a plan for you depending on how many visits you want and apply a discount from there.
The treatment is not harmful and is used at daycares and schools but we recommend family members and pets to leave the house during application.
Its to protect our Anti Virus technicians and our customers. The overall, mask, gloves, shoe covers are sanitized right before our Anti Virus technician walks in. In addition, our Anti Virus technicians follow the directives issued by the WHO with the necessary adaptations, when they wear, use and remove the protective equipment.
The disinfection of a complete residence takes between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the volume of the residence. It is recommended that you re-enter after 30 minutes after treatment.
We will disinfect the exterior of all closets but we will not open any closets unless you specifically ask us too.
For optimal efficiency, the surfaces must be free of bulky objects.
No, the disinfectant is not harmful. It stays in the air for a short time and settles on surfaces for optimal efficiency. No rinsing is necessary. Our product is NSF REGISTERED (D-2) NO RINSE REQUIRED FOOD CONTACT SURFACE SANITIZER.
The treatment is effective over several days to weeks. However, the efficiency decreases depending on the attendance rate of your house or commercial space.
Commercial disinfectants do not have the same effectiveness because they do not remain on surfaces since they are sprayed and then wiped. Our products are hospital grade disinfectants yet gentle enough to be used at daycares. They also continue to be effective for several days or possibly weeks after application.
Yes! It will be an add on option when you are ready to check out.